Our values



Active throughout Belgium and the Luxembourg, we offer our passion and experience to satisfy your telecommunications needs.

MyTelecoms responds to your request in a double-click – or almost – incidents just have to be done.



Close to our customers, we strive to maintain long-term relationship based on trust and exchange.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. And it cannot be achieved 100% without hand-in-hand work with each of our partners.




Our team listens to you and constantly adapts to your agenda. In order to lighten your workload. We look for the solution that will optimize your activity.

Si comfortably and scroll through your black screen while we set up your computer network.

Our MiSsions


Recommend a solution tailored to your needs.
Our team of professionals analyzes all of your telecommunications, in order to identify your needs to offer you the digital tool that will allow you to take you to the next level.


Optimize your expenses and time.
With a bespoke service, you save time and money. Beyond a suitable digital solution, our goal is to give you extra comfort at work.


Treat your file in complete transparency.
Integrity and honesty are core values at MyTelecoms. We handle your case in a transparent and up-to-the-range manner. Nothing is done without your agreement and everything is negotiated, hand in hand. You also kept informed of new products and market promotions.


Provide quality follow-up.
Close to our customers, we remain at your disposal to offer you quality support over the long term. Technical problem, billing, modification of your products or simple need for information: MyTelecoms simplifies all your steps.


Present regularly what’s new in the market.
You are also kept informed of new products and market promotions.