MyTelecoms is an expert in telecommunications.

We help you to improve your workplace with the latest ICT solutions.

No matter the size of your business, we take care of the development of your workspace, the management and the security of your technological infrastructure. 

Our goal is to improve your efficiency and comfort.

We are living in a society in constant transformation.

Every day, new communication technologies appear on the market and change our habits as well as our perception of everyday life.

To ensure that your company’s objectives are not disrupted, it is essential for you to keep abreast of the latest updates available as a part of your business.

You have to send us a first email to contact@mytelecoms.be

Then we open the agenda of our ICT experts and we contact you to set an appointment.

After that, our experts analyze your current telecommunications and your needs to improve your efficiency and comfort.

We look for the best solution for your budget and your wishes.

Finally, you can sign your installation contract. The date of it is chosen according to your availability.

For helping you at best, we need to have:


– Your bill


– Your customer/tracking number


– A description of your problem


You can send us all this information to support@mytelecoms.be