Payment Terminals

Make your transaction with ease and security with our payment terminals and start to use the contactless transactions.

Payment Terminals

We offer payment solutions in line with your business and the evolution of the market. Do a transaction has never seemed so simple.

The instantaneous (and contactless) transaction was born.

Every day, you make inbound and outbound transactions with our new payment terminal which allow you to receive your money directly.

Which means you are able to use it for your business expenses. You see instantly your money on your bank account and plan your future expenses to maximize the efficiency of your company. It’s never too late to make an update that will help build customer loyalty and make your day-to-day life easier.

Immediate Transaction

You collect your money directly.

Commission 0%

Each time you use your card for your various fees, you collect a percentage of the commissions that have been levied on you.


Your customers can pay with any card (credit or debit), contactless or with a QR Code.


You have access to the details of each transaction.